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School Management Services

To collaborate with educational institutions and school leaders to strategically align human and fiscal resources to raise student achievement and motivate staff.


Bolman and Deal's Four Framework of Leadership suggests that leadership decisions are made within these four categories of styles and that any style can be effective or ineffective, depending upon the situation. We train our leaders to think strategically, teach them to understand their role, and guide them to evaluate the desired results prior to making decisions. We use situational learning opportunities and analyze various examples to create a real-world learning environment.


Our team works with Principals to strategically align human resources to raise student performance scores and motivate staff to participate in shared decision making and governance.


Our professional development agenda includes activities that assist in achieving international benchmarks in excellence in teaching, introduce varied curriculum, and improve quality of teaching.



Our Management advisers are experienced administrators who work with school leaders and teachers to plan professional development in the following areas:


Effective decentralization of leadership and modern management techniques
Steps and processes for institutional performance
Leadership skill development in decision making, problem solving and group dynamics
tick Communication strategies to raise teacher motivation and community engagement
Introduce new curriculum such as Pathways, AP and IB, Blended and Online courses
Motivate positive student behavior and student engagement in 21st century classrooms
Interactive use of technology in classroom instruction to raise student engagement
Develop well-defined and measurable Strategic Plan to assesses programs and processes




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