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Planning For International Studies

How can we help you with your plans for studying in the United States?


At SPiE our consultants advise you, the prospective student, on international study options in the United States and use the results from the interest inventory that you complete as the first step to determine what particular pathways would reflect your skills and interests. Based on the results they work with you to develop an effective international study plan, which include colleges and universities that best match the program of study that interest you.


When considering international studies, it is important to identify the reason why you choose to study in the United States. Ask yourself these questions :


Leading to Further Study:

The international study program is the gateway for additional qualifications or degrees that you wish to pursue either in U.S. or in your home country


Career and employment:

The international study will enhance your career or employment prospects and make you more competitive in the global market


Personal enrichment:

The international study experience and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the "melting pot" - a term used to define the cultural diversity in the U.S. - will enrich your quality of life.



When selecting your college or university, the consultants use their experience to match the programs and institutions around your preferences and objectives, the availability of courses, entry requirements, costs, duration, content, and outcomes. Additionally, they will guide you through the logistics of travel, study, and living arrangements.


International students must usually meet minimum language requirements, which are generally expressed in terms of internationally recognized language tests (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL). If this requirement is not met, your consultant will arrange testing of the student’s language proficiency, and if necessary, find a suitable language course. This may be a stand-alone language course, or a foundation course which includes a language component for this purpose.


Finally, our consultants ensure that you have the time and the means to undertake the proposed study. After identifying your plan,  they help you develop a realistic timeframe, including enrolment and visa processing time, travel times, and course duration. The cost of travel, study, and living must be affordable and accommodation must be suitable for the prospective student.




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