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Letter of Recommendation

Undergraduate and Graduate programs almost always require letters of recommendation. Here are a few tips on how to get the kind of letters that support your journey:


i) Approaching the right people for the letters:


Do not make the mistake of getting letters from people who might be an influential person in your community or in the country, but who has little or no knowledge of who you are. What does this mean? Get a letter from someone who can talk about you- your strengths, what makes you special and why you would be the right fit for the school or the program. Approach your teachers, church leaders, coaches, and employers - those who have worked with you and can speak concretely about your passion and your commitment.


ii) Timing and Details:


People are busy and do not appreciate short timelines or inconsiderate requests. It is important to know that if given time, they will probably be able to talk with you and qualify their statements better. Let them know where you are applying, what you hope to study and why you think their recommendation is important for your future. People like to be valued and respected and most people want to assist with this task. Don't forget to send a thank you card for their time and efforts and follow up that they have sent the letters- people forget or procrastinate. Help them by sending gentle reminders.


iii) Postage and stationary:


Make it easy for them and show them that you value the letter. Give them a stamped and addressed envelope so that they can post the letter directly without compromising their professionalism with the process. This also helps ensure that your letters will get sent to the right location.


iv) Acknowledge their efforts:


Make sure that you show your appreciation of their time and efforts through a simple thank you note or a card or an email. It makes you appear professional while also ensuring that the letter was sent in a timely manner. Your references feel appreciated.


Our Consultants will brainstorm with you as to which contacts would serve as the appropriate reference. They will also provide you a checklist of items that must be addressed in the letters to allow your references to provide a detailed account of your strengths, commitment and passion and your fit for the program.




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