To elevate student performance by collaborating with international academic institutes, supporting leadership growth, and empowering teachers to design creative learning platforms.
 In order to contribute to the advancement of education and life-long learning, SPiE actively seeks education partners that support 21st century global skills and promote.
Global Literacy that fuels aspirations in our learning communities
Strategic Alignment of resources and skills for advancement of teaching and learning
Future Leaders who take control of their world
Visionary Entrepreneurs who listen, learn, and readily adapt to serve the global community
Institutional Collaboration for the advancement of education and life-long learning
Comprehensive Educational Services
that prepare and position international undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students for successful admission into a college in the USA.
School Management Services

We collaborate with international academic institutes to introduce practices and innovative techniques to elevate the success of the organization. Our commitment is to support and assist schools and colleges to constantly evolve as they prepare their students to meet these challenges become more successful in the competitive world.

I welcome you to the exciting world of Strategic Partners in Education. We specialize in designing and delivering innovative solutions to enhance learning and success.

I am fortunate to be part of a team of educators who are committed to creating a better learning experience for all. SPiE team works at two levels: first, along with our partners TSS we collaborate with international institutes to introduce practices and discussions that aim to elevate the success of the organization; second, we prepare and guide international students to gain successful college admissions in the U.S.


Please visit to learn all about the extensive expertise that comes with the SPiE/TSS partnership.


I welcome you to browse the website and familiarize yourself with the many ways we support your efforts. Globalization and interdependence offers tremendous information sharing opportunities and challenges. In this globally competitive job market, students continue to look for options and the emerging trends while schools and colleges continue to investigate best practices to better prepare their students to be more competitive Our commitment is to help support institutes and individuals in this journey.


Our team of consultants are caring and responsive and bring an infectious sense of enthusiasm that continues to build ongoing partnerships across distant lands. I am thrilled that you have chosen to visit our website. I look forward to talking with you.

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