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Graduate Students Admission

Acceptance to American colleges and universities is increasing rapidly and the competition is fierce. The key to admission is to prepare as far ahead as possible. It is best to start planning before a student begins tenth grade. At SPiE we take this process very seriously and will work with you to complete the PCAPP plan.


For students who wish to enhance their resumes and increase their global marketability by earning a Masters or Doctorate degree, SPiE offers guidance in university selection, program matching, scholarship opportunities, test preparation, and admissions processing. In order to save you time in the lengthy application process, we will guide you through the application and financial aid paperwork as well as through college test requirements.


In 2011, over 450,000 student visas were issued and the Study in The States initiative encourages international students to take advantage of the first class educational opportunities and remain in the USA where they can apply their skills and become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.




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International education systems, especially in Asia, have been undergoing a paradigm shift. China and India lead in the number of secondary student population and it is expected that these numbers will double in the next ten years.
Event Date : 2012-09-12

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