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Graduate Portfolio Management

Postsecondary admissions officers and future employers are looking for well-rounded students. Course selections, grades, and achievements in high school are good indicators of how well a student will do in college and putting together a portfolio that highlights your achievement is the first stage of a good application packet.


Our consultants guide you to create a portfolio that includes both your academic achievements and the evidence of experiences you have gained from involvement in groups and activities such as membership in clubs and organizations, leadership roles, student government role and responsibilities, participation in special interest groups, athletics, band, music groups, and educational travel. These types of activities suggest to others the kinds of things students are involved in when they are not in classes- this creates a picture for colleges as to why you are the student they are looking for to join their campus.


So, as a snapshot of your journey through school and life, the portfolio includes the following:

  • Academic Information
  • Awards and recognitions
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Community Service
  • Interest Inventory
  • Sample Assignments
  • Job History
  • Personal Information
  • Teacher or counselor recommendations
  • Academic camps and summer/college classes attended and Reflections on the types of classes that the student found most interesting.




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