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Graduate Career Pathways

What is a Career Pathway and how does that help in selecting the right program of studies?


A Career Pathway is a visual roadmap that identifies the coursework, competencies, skill requirements, and credentials needed for a series of related occupations in an industry sector. These visual roadmap assist students and workers as they navigate their way through undergraduate, graduate and certification programs to better jobs and increased earnings.

SPiE consultants work with you to identify your Career Pathway. Once you sign up for our services and complete the Interest Inventory, your responses will be used to identify your career interests and then develop a plan to facilitate your transition from high school to post secondary education in the United States.


The global economy is dynamically changing the employment market and is creating the need for student-centered, demand-driven innovative programs of studies that  proactively adapt your skills and talents to the needs of the employers. Having a well defined career pathways focuses and eases your transition across the educational continuum. If our consultants determine that you do not meet the entry requirements for the program that you wish to study, they will recommend structured set of courses organized either in the home country or in the United States that can prepare you.


SPiE consultants will ensure that your visual roadmap is "demand-driven" and collaboratively developed, and provides you with information related to career planning courses, workshops, and web-based resources that increase your understanding about occupations.  They will also guide you to universities that provide opportunities for "learning by doing," including internships, co-op work experience, simulations, and team class projects that are assignments from local employers or community organizations.
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International education systems, especially in Asia, have been undergoing a paradigm shift. China and India lead in the number of secondary student population and it is expected that these numbers will double in the next ten years.
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