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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How does your program work ?


Please review the table of services and flowchart. This should give you a step by step outline of what we do, how and when we accomplish the task.


Step One Free introductory face to face, Skype or phone consultation with parents/student. You review, complete, sign and return Student Introduction Form authorizing SPiE to act as your consultant. You will be assigned a Student ID number. Charges and payment schedule will be explained to parents/student and Contractual Agreement must be signed prior to services starting.
Step Two Student Consultation - Detailed Student Questionnaire and Assessment, Career and Skills Tests; review of any available transcripts etc. Start developing checklist for admission portfolio; review and parent/student update. One on one tutoring optional.
Step Three Student Consultation: Goal-setting, develop college admission plan for you with specific goals, time lines and measurable targets. You must take responsibility for your performance. Parents/Students update. Advise you on which tests to take, when, tips, how colleges interpret scores, which classes to take, AP Classes, career overview. SAT one on one optional.
Step Four Consultation: Program selection and college matching (up to five). We advise you on narrowing college choices best suited to your requirements. Consultants assist students to craft genuine and stimulating college essays, Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, transcript evaluation and other documents. Admission applications and financial aid applications submitted. Consultation when admission and I-20 is issued
Step Five Consultation: Visa interview prep, Apply for Visa.


How do you counsel and interact with Parents/Students?


We offer a “hand-holding” approach through out the admissions process. We make every effort to meet face to face with Parents/Student twice a year. In some cases this may not be required as technology allows us to interact quicker and effectively even when we are thousands of miles away. Parent/Student conferences are often held over phone, Skype or Web Seminars. We are parents too and understand that mothers and fathers are often be anxious about allowing their 17-18 year old son or daughter to travel to America for further studies. You can count on us to make our home your child’s home away from home.


Do you charge for your services and why?


Yes – there is a fee associated with our programs. SPiE consists of professional educators and consultants who do not cut corners in the pursuit of helping you achieve your college admission goals. We charge fees because we know we can deliver the results.


How much do you charge and what is the schedule of payments?


Every year US News and World Report publish nationwide college rankings. Our charges are result-based and depend on the ranking of the college that we get you admitted into. Please see the above table to review the schedule of payments.


Why study in the United States?


Based on the International Institute of Education Survey (Dec, 2009), 97% of students from India reported the U.S. as their first or second choice for college study. The primary reasons were quality of programs, wide range of schools, cultural diversity and quality of faculty. American degrees are the most sought after worldwide and college campuses are major international job recruitment centers. This increases the student’s career and employment prospects in today's competitive global market. Undergraduate admissions grew by 18% from 2010 to 2011 as reported by the US Consulate.


Which program is the best fit for me?


Parents and students can be confused and mislead with information overload. Our consultants help to clarify this by conducting an in depth student assessment along with career guidance to identify your skills and interests and identifying matching programs and colleges.


What type of students can benefit from your services?


Our programs are individually designed for High School students (Class IX and up), students doing their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, working professionals and those wanting to complete a short certification study program. In all cases, we encourage parent participation and early planning. This allows our consultants to guide you through important steps such as student assessment, career advice, college matching and financial planning so nothing comes as a surprise.


How can you help me select the right college?


There is no right or wrong college. What you should ask is: Which is the right college for YOU? America offers over 4,000 accredited colleges and universities. Based on your goals and preferences, we narrow your college options to those that offer you the greatest opportunities and where you can maximize your potential.


Location and Size: You might prefer to be in a city with friends and family, or focus on the weather and the culture or you may prefer small, medium or large campus with social networking activities and opportunities

Type of Study: You may prefer small interactive study groups compared to large lecture halls

Cost: this depends on whether your selected study program is a certification, a BA or MA/PhD degree or even a technical trade course. It also depends on the type of college and duration of study. We guide you through decisions involving financial aid, scholarships and grants. Scholarships vary by types of programs and the level of study. For example, undergraduate schools may offer merit scholarships based on academic, athletic, musical abilities and leadership skills. Options for Graduate students include research assistantships and fellow ships.

Career services: We identify the campuses that have good support services to help graduates find jobs, summer internships and exchange programs.



How would you help me to choose the career pathway?


Our consultants conduct a student assessment to determine your aptitude and skills. They help you to select a college major and explore different career options. An example of emerging undergraduate major and career fields are: Bio-medical Engineering * Computer Game Design * Environmental Studies and Sustainability * Health Informatics/Information Management * Homeland Security * Information Assurance and Cyber Security * Nanotechnology * New Media * Public Health



What are the kinds of colleges available to me?


There are over 4000 colleges in the U.S. and our consultants match your skills and interests to a college. Below is a chart that outlines the different kinds of colleges.


Two Year College Private or Public

Four Year Colleges

Private or Public
4 – Year Public Universities 4 –Year Private Universities

Special Interests


Junior Colleges
Associate Degree
Flexible study hours
No Financial Aid
Off campus living
Private or Public
No $$$ aid

Mainly Bachelor’s  level of study
Some research study
On/off campus living
Limited $$$ aid

Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral studies
Federal and State $
Research institutes
Wide range of programs
Full time study
On/off campus living

Limited $$$ aid 

 Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral studies
Funding from tuition, endowments and  donations
Range of programs
Research facilities
On campus living

Potential for $$$ aid

Bachelor’s, Master’s
Doctoral studies
Special areas of study
Certain programs

Also by religious affiliations, minority groups, Arts colleges, technical and trade schools



What admissions services do you offer for ESL (English as a Second Language) students?


Our consultants will determine your needs during the initial assessment process. At that time, we will advise you on the available preparation options, colleges, requirements and costs. 


What Ancillary Services do you offer?


These include summer and winter college tours, summer internships, one on one online tutoring and SAT I and SAT II prep that are not include in the cost.


Do you help with specialized course or technical trade school admissions?


Yes – we work with multiple colleges and schools that offer such programs. The important factor is to determine what is best for your future educational and career goals and find the best matching institute. 


Do you help me prepare for College Admissions Test?


The SAT I, SAT II, TOEFL, GRE and GMAT are all required at some stage or the other and our consultants will guide you through what is needed, when, scoring basis and importance of these tests. We provide test taking skills and tips for success and offer optional one on one and group preparation.


What is the cost for the consultancy and admissions programs?


Our services are tailored to the needs of students. Please contact us for details.


How does SPiE compare with other companies offering admissions services?


On the surface it appears our services are similar to other companies however our expertise lies in assisting international students gain admission into colleges and universities in America only. In other words, we are specialists.


Why should I use SPiE?


If you are serious about studying in the USA, our consultants are there to help you achieve your dream. Our consultants are based in the USA; they are in direct contact with admission officers so you can rely on timely and accurate advice; they know how to navigate the admissions process and provide individualized service; your charges are based on the quality of our results (according to college ranking). It’s a total win-win situation for you.



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