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College Essay

The U.S. college admissions process includes a college essay . Here are a few tips to preparing a good essay:


i) Be original:


do not submit an essay that is a recycled version of someone else's essay. The admissions officers are not easily duped by this- your essay is a reflection of you. That is easy to catch if you try to submit a recycled or “near match” essay.


ii) Be proud of yourself:


when you write the essay choose a topic that reflects you and is meaningful to you. This is your chance to write and express your own thoughts on the topic and the opportunity to toot your horn. Keep your tone positive, both about yourself and your topic. Even if you have to address a stressful situation, end with why it was a great learning experience for you or how you will use it to move forward.


iii) Be objective:


Try not to get too long-winded on a topic or take on a lecture tone on a topic. It is best to keep your essay focused on why this topic is important to you and what you have experienced to make it important. Tell them your interest in that topic.


iv) Be creative:


The college admissions officers read thousands of essays and it is important that your essay addresses an exciting angle on the prompt . Be creative with how you address the topic- make them react, captivate them and make them sit up and take notice. That is the key to a good essay.


v) Edit- Edit -Edit :


A good submission will have been revised and edited until all mistakes are rectified. Rewrite it several times till your essay sounds like you and reflects your best thoughts. Have others read it- when you get too close to a project you can miss the obvious. Allow for critical reviews and feedbacks- that will definitely help you more.


Our consultants will give you suggestions for a good essay. If you need additional help you might consider visiting the Optional Services link.




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