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Education Opportunities in USA

Your journey starts with the dream to study in the United States. Our consultants work with you to make that a reality.


Selecting the right college and completing the college application process can be overwhelming for any student. Whether you choose to attend a college in America or complete a diploma through Online college, finding the right program is a crucial part of  any student’s goal for college.


International education systems, especially in Asia, have been undergoing a paradigm shift. China and India lead in the number of secondary student population and it is expected that these numbers will double in the next ten years. With this growing demand, students are looking at college alternatives in the USA. where they can continue their higher education and career pathways. Economic growth has increased international student mobility and America leads the way as the host country to the largest number of students in diplomas, uindergraduate, postgraduate and vocational programs. Based on the International Institute of Education Survey (Dec, 2009), 97% of students from India reported the U.S. as their first or second choice for college study. The primary reasons were the quality of programs, wide range of schools and greater career prospects. The enrollment of students from India continue to rise and is now the second largest group after China. American degrees are the most sought after my international firms. This increases the students career and employment prospects in today's competitive global market.



Recently the US higher education policy has introduced the Study in the States initiative which opens the doors to the best and the brightest international talents to our colleges and universities. Apart from speeding up the Student Visa processing timeline, this initiative encourages international students to take advantage of the wealth of educational opportunities and remain in the United States to apply their knowledge. In today's competitive global economy your future success depends on the choices you make today.


SPiE offers comprehensive admissions services for International Students:


Education consultants provide step by step guidance and offer a range of admission and college application services to students who want to study in America. They are very familiar with accredited junior colleges, four-year private and public colleges, vocational training schools, and Online institutions, and place students into a program where they can achieve their academic, career and personal goals. International students are also provided ESL programs, college visits, summer internships, and exchange opportunities as needed.




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