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Company Overview

Our education consultants provide step by step guidance and comprehensive admission solutions for international students who wish to study in a college in the USA.


Comprehensive Admissions Services for International Students


Education consultants provide step by step guidance and offer a range of admission and college application services to students who want to study in America. They are very familiar with accredited junior colleges, four-year private and public colleges, vocational training schools, and Online institutions, and place students into a program where they can achieve their academic, career and personal goals. International students are also provided ESL programs, college visits, summer internships, and exchange opportunities as needed.


School Management Services


With extensive background in school administration, SPiE serves as an international education consulting firm that specializes in providing leadership training and assistance with strategic plans for school reorganization and program alignment.  With its knowledge, expertise, and analytical skills, SPiE establishes and strengthens the bonds of partnership between educational institutions .  In collaboration with local and international partners, SPiE fosters sustainable results through practical, comprehensive approaches to social and economic challenges and is  specially committed to generating new partnerships between international educational institutions and colleges and universities in the United States in order to promote higher education opportunities for all students. Our mission is to create a bridge between countries and provide training to schools, universities and educational institutions.


Our Founder and Team


SPiE was founded by Dr. Falguni Asrani, who has over twenty years of hands on experience in the American education system and has served as a special education teacher, high school principal, curriculum director and Assistant Superintendent. As an educational consultant, Dr. Asrani brings her knowledge to support and guide leaders in the areas of new programs and services which include the developing Strategic Plans and training programs for teachers and administrators. She promotes technology-based teaching and learning, Online and Blended education courses, Pathway/Academies, and Small Learning Communities. Dr. Asrani promotes college and career consultancy and believes in reaching out to international students to help them make a successful transition to U.S. universities.


The SPiE team includes qualified consultants who have experience in the American and international education systems, and a network of university alumni who partner with families and students to provide additional information about individual college
culture and expectations.




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