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  • Teaching English as Foreign Language

    Current studies in the field of ESL/EFL instruction have focused on developing strategies and techniques to accelerate the learning of academic English in order to fully prepare students for success in higher education and in their future careers.

  • Student Exchange Program 2014

    The student exchange program gives participants an opportunity to attend a U.S. High School and get a taste of students life.Students between the ages of 13-18 get to attend an American school while living with a Qualified host family.   

  • Education Technology

    The changing role of technology in schools is an area of concern for teachers and administrators alike.In class rooms across the globe ,discussions on a wide range of Ed-tech issues such as social networking, mobile computing, digital citizenship, and ways that schools and teachers can take advantage of growing needs for digital literacy continue.

  • California College Tours

    California College Tour 2014 provides an excellent opportunity for students to experience and learn about studying in the USA and provides a personalized first-hand look at selected colleges, programs and cultures and individualized admissions-related.

  • Classroom Managment

    Classroom management is the overall strategy that teachers employ to create a motivating learning environment that supports student learning. Research indicates that poor classroom management is almost always a result of poor lesson design.

  • Engineering Exploration Camp - Summer 2014

    Hosted by University of California Riverside,s Internationa; Educational Programs,theEngineering Exploration Camp (EEC) program is a two-week summer camp for high school students interested in engineering.

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

    Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) instruction is offered through a Project Based Learning (PBL) Model. This approach emphasizes inquiry (science and mathematics) and design (engineering) elements.