Center of Academic Excellence (CAE)

The Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) is a partnership between Strategic Partners in Education and international education institutions. Located in various cities, the Center serves as a regional professional development institute. The goal of the CAE is to provide rich and exciting professional development and training workshops for teachers and school leaders leading to innovative and vibrant 21st century schools.

CAE consultants conduct on-site needs evaluations and provides customized solutions for the purpose of improving instructional teaching, learning and student outcomes.

  • Curriculum Design and Alignment : We take a unique and practical approach to encourage input from regional educators in designing effective curriculum that is aligned with local learning trends and demographic needs. Today‚Äôs progressive schools offer multiple study and career avenues and SPiE brings its extensive experience in implementing International Baccalaureate (IB), AP and STEM Pathways programs to assist schools in redesign their program options.
  • Classroom Management Strategies : Classroom Management is probably the single most important factor in creating a positive and engaging learning environment for all students. SPiE consultants work hand in hand with educators to provide creative and innovative strategies for improved student outcomes by designing positive intervention strategies and behavioral support solutions.
  • Assessment and Improvement : Effective Assessment Models that analyze teaching and learning are critical for teacher improvement and student success. By introducing user-friendly assessment software, CAE consultants develop performance measurement tools to support capacity building and ongoing improvement.
  • Strategic Long Term Planning : Consultants work with school leaders and administrators to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate the ongoing success of programs, technology, professional development, student performance and business strategies in order to provide support for planned and strategic improvement. Academic Leadership: CAE design high quality programs so that individuals can develop managerial and supervisory capacities to support leadership, interpersonal, communication and organizational skills that supports an environment of excellence, accountability and vibrant growth.
  • Professional Development and Teacher Training : Customized programs are provided for active educators to upgrade skills that enhance classroom management, technology integration and designing global lesson plans. SPiE designs a full range of differentiated professional development modules to help improve student outcomes.
  • Career Advancement : SPiE has an active partnership with several prestigious research-based universities and has prepared online career advancement programs such as Gifted and Talented Education (GATE), Teaching Advanced Placement Classes (AP), Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and College Admissions Counseling.